Yes, you!  Now, is the time to start making a difference in the lives of others.

  • You are passionate – check!
  • You understand how the feel – check!
  • You thrive to make the greatest impact – check!

But, you’re running out of steam and losing confidence and devaluing your worth by lowering your prices.


If you’ve found yourself working 50- or 60- or even 70-hour weeks, then you know exactly what I mean.

Smart coaches (like you!) are turning to a better, easier coaching model so they can…

  • Serve and impact hundreds, or even thousands, of clients
  • Create consistent income
  • Put an end to spinning your wheels
  • Enjoy predictable results for their clients with proven strategies

Below are two programs taught by Sarah Michelle.

The Art of Showcasing Program to transform your life and business.

You will gain the necessary skills to acquire:

  • Mind and Self-Mastery
  • Valuing Yourself and Your Services
  • Understanding that Presentation Matters
  • Showcasing Your Best Self
  • And, so much more…

Monetize Your Gifts

You will gain the necessary knowledge to:

  • Embrace Your Gifts
  • Service Others
  • Knowing Your Worth
  • Impacting Others – It’s Not All About You